Call For Hosting ISPNO 2026

Call for Applications to host ISPNO in 2026

ISPNO is now requesting applications to host the bi-annual ISPNO meeting in 2026. The application process will be in two parts:

  1. Candidate organization should send a brief proposal, due no later than August 15, 2022, including name of principal investigator, sponsoring organization or institution, venue (specific hotel, etc.), proposed dates and a brief description of the site and its qualifications for hosting ISPNO.

  2. Invited semi-finalists (to be contacted no later than September 15) will be required to submit a full application no later than October 30, 2022 (detailed instructions to follow).

Final selection is planned no later than December 15, 2022.

Please send all correspondence to Roger J. Packer, MD, Children’s National Hospital,